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Steve Beck is the President and CEO of SantosHuman Inc (SHI), located in Coralville, IA. SantosHuman provides virtual human-in-the-loop solutions through subscription licenses to Santos-enabled software products as well as services that leverage their unique ability to predict human physical behavior and performance. Santos technologies provide early stage design teams with human-centric insight at the earliest stages of development where change is not only most effective but still an option. In addition, Santos offers the only software on the market that can predict physical human behavior and performance based on the physics of the human body.

SHI is the spin-off of the fundamental research in digital human modeling that continues at the University of Iowa’s Virtual Soldier Research program since 2003 when it was founded by Prof. Karim Abdel-Malek. SantosHuman is commercializing this technology that has its origins in research designed to help the U.S. military bring systems into production sooner. Because all of SantosHuman capabilities operate within a virtual environment, SantosHuman Inc.’s products help their customers reduce the time and cost to bring both new products to market and new processes into production.

SHI customers operate in many industries including defense, medical devices, consumer products, aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment, lawn and garden, and power sports. In addition, the company’s Santos University Program provides institutes of higher education with free access to its products for non-commercial, educational, and/or research purposes.

Steve Beck is one of the inventors of the technology and has over 30+ years’ experience working with 3D computer graphics including developing four 3D Computer Modeling courses which he taught at the University of Iowa from 1991 through 2001. In 2014 Steve took over as President and CEO of SantosHuman Inc. He has lead the growth of SantosHuman through continued product development, strategic marketing and the hiring of new team members that are committed to developing relationships with leading OEMs and manufactures.

Steve has consulted with the University of Iowa Small Business Development Center, the UI John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center, the UI Research Park and the University of Iowa Research Foundation.

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