VWG, Indianola

VWG ’s Success Story

“The most surprising and triumphant part of expanding my small business has been winning new opportunities with existing clients and gaining control over my everyday life.” Aaron Neely had worked in the imports industry for years prior to setting up his own small business, VWG. What started out as a side project supplying psyllium husk to an existing customer grew into a fully-fledged business supplying food ingredients, feed ingredients, and oilfield chemicals from China and India to fellow American businesses. By spring of 2018, Aaron realized his business was growing faster than anticipated so he reached out to the Small Business Development Center for help.

The SBDC assisted Aaron in developing a business plan that allowed him to receive the financing that he needed to expand his business. Aaron states “working with the SBDC was great. My SBDC counselor explained to me the position I was in as far as getting financing, and was able to guide me down the right path into a workable solution.” Since working with the SBDC, Aaron states his business has experienced “Huge growth. The SBDC helped me get the financing needed to support my business’s growth.”

Looking forward, Aaron plans to continue to expand VWG through his consistent focus on meeting client’s expectations of quality and service while improving their bottom line. He mentions that though it was challenging persevering in the first year when it wasn’t clear VWG would succeed, the effort was certainly worthwhile.

When asked to give a quote on the SBDC’s assistance, Aaron states, “The SBDC provided the expertise that I needed to build a business plan for my existing business. That plan led to the private financing my company needed at a critical time.”

Written by: Jolene Schaefer

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