Café Sign Floral and Gift, Lenox & Bedford

Becky Smith has found momentous success in her recent start-up flower shop, Café Sign Floral and Gift. Like many Iowans, she has deep, family roots in agronomy and farming, and she has always felt drawn to using her skills to take care of the earth. After a 21 year career, she decided to change direction and start her own business to fulfill this passion.

Two flower shops in neighboring communities came up for sale at about the same time. Becky and her business partners, husband Mike and mother Betty, decided that it would be a great time to take advantage of the opportunity. They reached out to Ethan Pitt with the South Central Iowa SBDC to help them develop a business plan in hopes of starting their own company and purchasing both shops. Once they finished the plan, Becky and company was successful in applying and receiving a loan for the new business. After working hard to remodel, rearrange, and rebrand each location, they opened their doors in the winter of 2019, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Café Sign prides itself on being a family owned floral and gift shop business that specializes in unique gifts, flowers and apparel. Becky has also recently added coffee, smoothies, sandwiches, and other food items to her repertoire of offerings. Since opening, Becky has watched the business grow through word-of-mouth marketing, a strong social media following, and excellent customer service. Both communities have already fully embraced each shop, the company’s unique name, and the significant impact that Café Sign has had on the local economy.

When not focusing on the business, Becky, Betty, and Mike are dedicated to helping their communities thrive. They very involved with all local happenings, supporting their Chambers of Commerce, the schools, and other local businesses. It goes without saying that Iowa is very lucky to have entrepreneurs like Becky and her family.

For more information visit them at or on Facebook.

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