Ice Cream Junction, Oelwien

While working as a janitor for the Oelwein School District, Robin Vinson passed by the empty Ice Cream Junction building every day. She felt like the business was calling to her because of its previous significance within the community. So in 2019, she purchased Ice Cream Junction and reopened June 1st.

Ice Cream Junction is a small ice cream and sandwich shop. They make a variety of things such as homemade tenderloins and cheese nuggets, with the meat and cheese purchased locally. Robin and her fiancé run the business along with around sixteen employees during the summer, which has been the most challenging part, keeping good employees around.

Not much has been surprising with the re-establishment of her business. The biggest triumph has been getting through the first year, which is nearly over as they are seasonal due to weather.

They hope that in the future they are able to add rolled ice cream to the menu along with working with the nearby schools to implement a reading rewards program for the kids. For now, they will focus on making it through this first season while maintaining quality service and quality food which is often missing nowadays.

Robin’s advice to anyone purchasing a business or starting their own business would be to be prepared for long hours and lots of hard work.

She says of working with the SBDC, “I couldn’t have done it without the SBDC. Amy is amazing and has been working with me since day one.”

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